Tuesday, May 3, 2011

ARRRRGHHH!!!! This weather is making me NUTS!!!

Okay, i'm already nuts, but still... this weather is becoming a pain.  

So I've got everything I need to finish the exterior renovations, but the weather just won't cooperate.  Or better yet... the weather MEN won't cooperate.  :(  The forecast for today was to be partially cloudy, with thunderstorms and scattered showers most of the day.  We got NONE!!!  

So much I could have accomplished today.  I'd have gotten to the camper early, and painted the first coat by noon.  Instead, we went up and dilly-dallied most of the day away.  Yeah, we accomplished some things, but nothing that put a dent in things.  Still, needed tasks were taken on, and beaten.  

Before I put the carpet down, I needed to fill some gaps in the shelf under the desk.  It's a potential spider entrance.  So I overdid my defensive plan, by first filling the gaps with foam, then caulking over that, and then DUCT TAPING over the whole she-bang.  That should hold a few of those eight legged bastards at bay for a little while, eh?  :)  

The biggest drawback to  embracing this lifestyle, is that my biggest issue, suffering from severe Arachnophobia, is something I'll have to confront on a MUCH grander scale.  It's not something that's going to be easy.  Already, we've had one decent size spider in the bedroom area, AS I was stretching out to take a break.  Exhaling a nice trail of vanilla flavored cigar smoke, my eyes following the smoke, I suddenly felt my spine contract into a little ball, as my sphincter puckered to the size of a pinhead.  Sweat started to bead on my forehead, and a young, pre-pubescent girl's voice escaped my lips as I shrieked... "HELP ME"!!!  

Carol, my hero, hearing my shriek ( and somehow managing not to laugh her ass off ), sprung to action and quickly removed my nemesis from our abode.  I would have personally been quite happy, had she eradicated the small, nickel sized, tarantula type, creep-ass bastard, but she just knocked him into a rag, and placed him outside.  Now, I have to keep a vigilant post that he doesn't make his way back in.  I'm never going to sleep.  LOL  

After that incident, plugging all holes and cracks in the camper is of the HIGHEST ORDER!!!  I spackle, weatherstrip, duct-tape, and spray with liquid insulation foam ALL questionable areas.  I'm making myself feel better, but I know the scourge of spiderdom can NOT be vanquished.  Someday, you'll be reading another tale of my horror.  Enjoy.  :)  

So with that all done, and MORE rain expected tomorrow, I will definitely be doing the rug tomorrow.  Everything is prepped and ready to go.  Measurements are made and hopefully, while I'm on the floor, I won't run into an eight-legged freak that got in before I spider-proofed the place.  :)  

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