Monday, May 30, 2011

We've survived Memorial Day Weekend's Trial by Fire. :)

For those of you still checking in here, glad you've stuck it out.  It's been a rough couple weeks.  The weather here in Pa. has been just terrible.  The area we're in had three tornado touchdowns the Thursday before Memorial Day Weekend began, and we had no power in the campground for almost the entire time.  It just came back on, late last night.  OY VEY!!! 

Most of the campers were gracious and understood that it's an act of nature, and nothing can be done about it, seeing that it was a HUGE area that lost power.  But SOME... some just don't get it.  All in all though, most of the campers pulled together with the staff and made the most of it, and managed to have a great time anyway.

With the power back on today, and most of the campers leaving, the work load was a bit tougher.  The bathrooms were in rough shape, and there was a LOT of trash to take care of.  We got it all done though, and tomorrow and Wednesday, we'll  be off.  Not sure what we're doing yet, but there's tons of things to do in the area, so we'll decide tonight. 

I've got a lot of pics to post, and will soon.  Carol's put some up of our hike down Turkey Trail, of the Pa. Grand Canyon last week, on the Jones's Journies FaceBook page.  You can check them out HERE

All you have to do, is LIKE the page, and you'll be able to see the photos.  You have to be a facebook member though.  We'll get all the shots up here soon.  Promise.  :) 

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