Sunday, May 1, 2011

Finally, a SUNNY day.

We've been at a standstill with the camper, due to the horrible weather we've been getting lately.  Can't paint or work on the frame with all this rain.  Everything else is done, for the most part.  Luckily, yesterday was beautiful. We had our kids with us, and we spent the whole day at the storage facility, working on the camper.  Got a lot done too, so we're kinda happy with the productivity.  The more we get done, the more excited we get to be on our way.  

We report to our work-camping gig on Friday, May 13th.  We've been checking out pictures of the place and it's just beautiful.  We can't wait to get back to the camping life.  From the first time I set foot in my Aunt Helen's Winnebago, at ten years old, I KNEW I wanted to live in an RV.  I didn't see it happening until I was much older, but "thanks" to the bottom falling out on my career, we got that push to "JUST DO IT"!!!  I'm expecting a full success at this, but even if it doesn't work out... at least we tried.  We had a complete ball on our last excursion, which was only in the van, and with limited funds because we had to pay for our campsites.  Also, we stayed many a night in Wal-Mart parking lots.  So now, with a work-camp gig, we should have no problems, and life will be grand.  :)  

Here's a couple shots of the work we accomplished yesterday.  Special thanks go out to our kids, Damian and Raven, for all their help yesterday.  My back wouldn't have survived without them.  :)  

 Putting the first coat on, after having spot-painted the scraped off areas the day before. 

 Our son, Damian, helping out my back and knees by painting the trailer hitch area.  Big THANKS!!!  :)  
 The closet area, after the wall paper was added.  
 Carol installed a bar in the former shower area, and immediately started adding her clothes.  :)  
 Here's an idea of the molding around the ceiling material.  We used the leftover wallpaper from the bathroom to cover the molding, which covered my cutting imperfections.  :)  
 The cabinets that we'll be using in the closet, fit PERFECTLY where the toilet used to be.  I'm going to stack them two high here, and fasten them to the wall.  
 The bathroom ceiling was the absolute worse.  After gutting it, I was actually scared that the job was going to be beyond me.  Somehow, I figured out how to put a new framework up, and install a whole new ceiling, which Carol covered with a black material, just like the rest of the camper's purple covering.  
 I had thought I was going to put a beautiful set of Mags on the camper, but they didn't fit.  I had to get new/used tires for the wheels that were currently on the camper, but man... were they ugly.  This camper had just sat in someone's yard for nearly six years, without any care at all.  
 Threw two coats of Rustoleum on them, and they're looking pretty fresh again.  I'll spray some tire wet on them when we get going, and hopefully they'll look as good as new.  :)  
 This awning was in bad shape.  We didn't even know that it was yellow, that's how dirty it was.  With some serious elbow grease, Carol managed to get it looking brand new.  I'll be painting the green part black.  
After the bedroom construction, new screens, ceiling and curtains additions, the place is looking very cozy.  We haven't spent one night in it yet, but we're at the point where we could now.  

Hopefully the weather will stay cooperative.  I still need to paint the white, and put a second coat of black on the stripe.  The tires are going to be mounted today, and some other touch ups will be made, but with the threat of rain, we can't do any more painting today.  :(  


  1. You're doing a great job! Here are two blogs that I follow that did or are doing restoration work.

    Work backwards from here:

  2. Thanks so much. I'll add them to my list here. :)