Thursday, April 28, 2011

Weather or Not??? :)

This weather is becoming a major pain.  We're at the near-finished stage of having our camper done, but the rain is really holding us back.

I have to change the tires, which I can't because of the wet grounds where the camper is.  I need to paint the stripe around the camper, which I don't want to do because of the massive winds and ridiculous amount of rain, and I still need to carpet the inside, which I can't do because of the ground being wet.  I might be able to work around that part though.  There's an empty storage bin, right next to our bin.  We store our camper directly across from our bin.  Not a bad deal.  100 bux a month for the bin and the parking area.  So I might ask them if it's okay to use the bin next door to lay my carpet out to make my cuts.  At least I can still get some production done this way.

We've got a few minor fixes that need to be done on our van.  Sadly, I am NOT a "gear-head".  I used to do some minor work on some of my older cars, back in my youth, but things are so different now.  I'm one of those guys that if you show me how to do something once, I can do it.  I can usually also read a manual well enough, but some of the fixes that I need to do, are a bit beyond me trying to "wing it" from a Chilton's book.  So it looks like we're going to have to make an appointment at a garage to get some of these issues taken care of.  I hate that, and I know that between now, and when I get our next trailer, i'm going to have to learn some basic automotive care.  Otherwise, this lifestyle is going to be far more costlier than I need it to be.

Nothing too major has been accomplished since the last set of pics, so no new pics to post yet.  :(  We'll have some more up soon though.  Hang in there with us.  I guarantee that in a few short weeks, this blog is going to be brimming with beautiful shots of a most gorgeous area.


  1. Well, we got some stuff done today anyway. We went up late, and the ground was still too wet to mess with the tires, so we did some "finicky" work. :)

    We'd taken all the window molding off and put new screens in them, so we had to put them all back in. Carol finished putting the ceiling material in the former bathroom, now a closet. I took the old screen out of the door and put new screen in, and Carol replaced screening in the screen door. So we're totally good on screening. :)

    I made some minor fixes to the canopy that covers the windows in the front of the camper. Nothing amazing, just replacement of screws and tightening of the attachments that were already there. I also cleaned the canopy, as well as the green stripe that circles the camper in the middle and bottom. That we'll be re-painting soon, and changing to black.

    As long as the rain stays away now, we'll be able to swap out the tires, paint the rims, stripe and front of the trailer section. Then we'll be ready to lay the carpet. :)

  2. It looks like you're making good progress. And only a short time till you're workkamping!