Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Worked hard, but didn't seem to accomplish much.

After the torrential rains we had yesterday, we hoped to get up to the camper early and get a lot done.  Things don't always pan out the way you'd like, I guess.  :)

We were both up early enough, but both of us seemed groggy and lacking any spunk.  I know that I, personally, had a bad night.  I fell asleep downstairs, during the NBA playoffs.  I was happy that my Celtics won their game, and almost made it to half-time of the West Coast game, but zonked out.  I woke up at around 3 am. and changed the channel to National Geographic Wild.  BIG MISTAKE!!!   As I fell back into a deep slumber, the show on Nat Geo, was somehow infiltrating my dreams.  They must have had a shark show on, as I began to have graphic nightmares of being eaten alive by a Great White.  LOL  The really weird part, was that my town, which is nowhere near an ocean, somehow flooded, and that's how the shark got me.  LOL

There were other nightmares as well, but that one was the most vivid.  My night of good slumber was shot.  I woke up at 7am and watched some Good Morning America, as I waited for my wife to come downstairs.  Well... she didn't come down quite right away.  I don't think she made it down until midway through Regis and Kelli.  A quick breakfast and coffee, and we were finally ready to go.  Or so I thought.

Turns out we'd made a commitment to take one of our kids for their permit test.  We had to drive all the way to their house, and then backtrack halfway back to ours, to deposit him at the State Police Barracks.  Luckily, our camper is close to the barracks, so we were FINALLY... good to go.  :)

Got to the camper, took inventory of what we'd done, and what we HOPED to accomplish today, and then began to work.  If you see the videos from the last day of work, you saw that we put a purple material on the ceiling.  Today, I had to cut 2" molding to go all around the outside of the material, to cover up the jagged edges, and just make it look better.  While I was throwing my back out, slowly cutting out all those slats, CeeJ was wallpapering the former bathroom, which we've now turned into a closet.  At first, I really thought we were going to get a lot done today, but these small tasks, took up a lot of time somehow.

While I was waiting for CeeJ to finish the wallpapering, I started a task I really thought was going to be the biggest problem we'd have.  The tires are in horrible condition and all of them need to be replaced.  I have been dreading taking them off though, as they are horribly rusted.  I thought they'd be really tough to get off, but I saturated them with WD-40 when I got there, and with a little elbow grease, I got them all loosened up. Tomorrow, I'll bring the replacement mags I have for it, and change them all out.  I also painted the bumper and spare tire assembly with some nice, Rustoleum, glossy black paint.  Looks great.

When it was finally time to get back inside and put up the trim, I think we'd both had it.  Y'know how when your tired, you just tend to make mistakes?  Well... that's what was happening.  We started getting cranky and thought it best to just call it quits for today.  We'll give it another shot tomorrow morning, EARLY.

So that's it for today folks.  See ya's tomorrow.  Spread the word to your friends, and have them follow us.  It's just work right now, but it should get better soon.  Once we're at our work-camp site, the blog should be loaded with pictures of gorgeous areas.  We'll be located near The FingerLakes region of NY, and also only an hour from the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon.

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