Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lots of production, in a short amount of time.

With the weather being so un-cooperative lately, we haven't been able to work on the camper at all.  Finally, we got to get up there yesterday, but due to a late chiropractor's appointment, we didn't get up there until after 5 pm.  I thought we'd get nothing done, but somehow... our motors kicked into overdrive, and we worked non-stop for nearly four hours, getting a LOT accomplished.

Our ceiling is finished now.  The covering is up, and the molding has been installed all around.  I know it's simple work, but never having been much of a home DIY guy, i'm kinda happy with the work we're doing.  It's a small camper, and it was in bad shape.  For it to be looking as nice as it is already, and know that it's going to look even better soon, has me very happy.

Not a lot we can do about the outside right now.  I'm going to buy a can of green paint to redo the stripe that goes around the whole trailer.  I'd like to do all the white as well, but don't have the time right now.  I'll buy the paint, and we'll finish that when we get to our work-camping destination.  We've also bought the rustoleum  black paint for the bumper (which is done), and the front part of the trailer.  Even that makes a huge difference in the appearance of it all.

We've taken one entire window pane out and dropped it off at a glass store for replacement.  I'm actually hoping to re-design the whole thing.  As of now, the one side is a full window, that doesn't open.  The other side is two smaller panes that screw out at an angle.  I want to have both of them as full panes, that remove from the outside, leaving just the screen.  The guy at the glass place is looking into that.

Next,  is also re-doing all our screens on the inside.  The molding for all of them, are at the house now, and we're putting all new, clean screens into them.  What a huge improvement that makes alone.

Add the carpeting, do some decorating, and our home is finished.  Hope to add some pics later tonight.  We'll be leaving shortly to get up there and work on her some more.    

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