Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hide-a-bed removal and computer station construction.

 Soon as we purchased the Prowler, we knew we'd be making some big changes.  It didn't take too long before it was clear to us we had no real need of the hide-a-bed, but we DID have need of a computer station.    Luckily, the destruction of one thing, led to the perfect recycle project.

The last shot of how it looked before the demo began.

  Each one of these damn little screws had to be removed one by one.  The biggest pain of it, was that they weren't the nice screws, that you loosen a little, and then finger loose the rest of it.  Nope.  These required the ratchet to be turned the entire length of the screw.  WHAT FUN!!!  :)

YAY!!!  WHAT FUN!!! 

After removal of the hide-a-bed, what better reward than a nice cocktail?  :)  

Onto the kitchen table and booth removal, which was only good for a place for our cats at the time.  

Nothing more fun than some DEMO work

Turned the wheel well into a bench for our computers and peripherals, as not to waste all our desk space. 

Adding the supports for the desk.  

Recycling the hide-a-bed into the perfect computer station/desktop.  

Lots more to come folks.  :)

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